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All prices include VAT 24% (ALV).

Keyboard build commissions

Are you interested in a custom keyboard? Contact me for more information. I can help you with the whole process. The whole process can be really tricky and all the parts may seem a little confusing. Here is an amazing video from TaehaTypes that really helps you with where to start:

I will need to know these kinds of things:

You can always reference my earlier builds or someone else’s. I will give you lots of choices depending of availability of parts as well.


I only provide you with assembly service. I hold only a couple of parts in my inventory, but otherwise all the parts will be ordered. The parts should be ordered by you, so I don’t need to add the 24% VAT (ALV) to prices and you can get away with a cheaper keyboard and I don’t have to take the risk of buying unnecessary parts. This is a little bit inconvenient, but it is still a winwin situation. I can help you with the whole process and even with Finnish Customs process, if it ever comes to that.

Keyboard assembly service

Keyboard size Price With switch lubing*
Macropads / numpads 25 € 35€
< 80% 50 € 85€
> 80% 60 € 120 €

*Switch lube included


Note that I don’t keep loads of sleeving options in stock. Other cable supplies I try to keep. Contact me for coloring options

These cables are custom made and support USB 2.0 standard.

!!! I don’t recommend using these cables for anything else than mechanical keyboards !!!

USB-C cables with MDPC-sleeve and GX12-aviator connector

USB-C cables with MDPC-sleeve and GX12-aviator connector

Ready-made cables

Cable length Price With aviator connector
1,5 meters 20 € 30 €
2,0 meters 25 € 35 €

DIY kits

Cable length Price With aviator connector
1,5 meters 15 € 20 €
2,0 meters 17 € 22 €

DIY-kit includes the following items:

Where does the price come from?

The amount of time it takes to assembly a keyboard varies on many things:

Building a 60 % keyboard (for example, DZ60) can take up to 4 hours to finish assembling. If the switches are lubed, the time will be almost double of that. Every single switch has to be opened. The lube is applied by brushing with a small brush to an opened switch. Bigger keyboards require more materials - solder, lube, time and coffee (for me). That’s why the price goes up for fullsized or bigger keyboards.

What is included in the assembly service?

If the keyboard stops working due to my error, I will fix it for free! Liquid and other self-caused damage I can try to help you with, but can’t promise a working keyboard at that point :(