Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Special Evolution Guide

Most of the special evolves in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet! I’ve seen too many guides with ads and bloat text. Here is a neat chart for what you’re looking for.

Table of Contents

Stone evolutions

Requires a stone for evolving to next form.

Pokémon Stone Evolves to
Capsakid Fire Stone Scovillain
Cetoddle Ice Stone Cetitan
Crabrawler Ice Stone Crabominable
Eevee Fire Stone Flareon
Eevee Water Stone Vaporeon
Eevee Thunder Stone Jolteon
Eevee Leaf Stone Leafeon
Eevee Ice Stone Glaceon
Floette Shiny Stone Florges
Growlithe Fire Stone Arcanine
Jigglypuff Moon Stone Wigglytuff
Kirlia (male) Dawn Stone Gallade
Magneton Thunder Stone Magnezone
Misdreavus Dusk Stone Mismagius
Murkrow Dusk Stone Honchkrow
Petilil Sun Stone Lilligant
Pikachu Thunder Stone Raichu
Shellder Water Stone Cloyster
Snorunt (female) Dawn Stone Froslass
Sunkern Sun Stone Sunflora
Tadbulb Thunder Stone Bellibolt

Item evolves

Pokémon needs to hold an item to evolve.

Pokémon Item Evolves to
Applin Sweet Apple Appletun
Applin Tart Apple Flapple
Charcadet Auspicious Armor Armarouge
Charcadet Malicious Armor Ceruledge
Gimmighoul 999 Gimmighoul Coins Gholdengo
Sinistea Chipped Pot Polteageist (antique form)
Sinistea Cracked Pot Polteageist (Phony form)

Find items

  • Sweet Apple and & Tart Apple can be found in Delibird Presents shop
    • Shop in Cascraffa is known to have it
  • Auspicious Armor and Malicious Armor are version exclusive items
    • Both items can be found from the same person in Zapapico
    • Pokemon Scarlet
      • Requires 10 Bronzor Fragments
    • Pokemon Violet
      • Requires 10 Sinistea Chips
  • Chipped Pot & Cracked Pot
    • Win it in an auction at Porto Marinada after winning the Gym
  • Gimmighoul Coins
    • They are hidden around the map!
    • Beating / capturing Gimmighoul gives 20-60 Gimmighoul coins

Primeape and Bisharp

Primeape and Bisharp have a new form to which they can evolve into.

  • Bisharp evolves to Kingambit when holding Leader’s Crest and beating three other Bisharp’s holding Leader’s Crest.
    • Bisharp’s in a pack usually hold the Leader’s Crest
  • Primeape needs to use Rage Fist 20 times to evolve into Annihilape


Pokémon Condition Evolves to
Finizen Level 38 & needs to be in multiplayer Palafin

Requires Let’s Go

Pokémon Condition Evolves to
Bramblin 1 000 steps Brambleghast
Pawmo 1 000 steps Pawmot
Rellor 1 000 steps Rabsca

Requires special move

Pokémon Condition Evolves to
Bonsly LVL16 & knows Mimic Sudowoodo
Dunspace LVL32 & knows Hyper Drill Dudunsparce
Eevee High friendship & Fairy-type move Sylveon
Girafarig LVL32 & knows Twin Beam Farigiraf
Steenee LVL28 & knows Stomp Tsareena

Time of day

Pokémon Time Condition Evolves to
Eevee Day High friendship Espeon
Eevee Night High friendship Umbreon
Fomantis Day LVL34 Lurantis
Greavard Night LVL30 Houndstone
Happiny Day Holds Oval Stone Chansey
Riolu Day High friendship Lucario
Rockruff 7-8 PM LVL25 & Own Tempo move Lycanroc (Dusk Form)
Rockruff Day LVL25 Lycanroc (Midday Form)
Rockruff Night LVL25 Lycanroc (Midnight Form)
Sneasel Night Holds Razor Claw Weavile
Yungoos Day LVL20 Gumshoos
  • Oval Stone can be found by exploring
  • Razor Claw can be found in Delibrd Presents shop
    • Cascarrafa - 2 stores
    • Mesagoza - 3 stores
    • Levincia - 1 store


Pokémon Item Held Evolves to
Haunter N/A Gengar
Scyther Metal Coat Scizor
Slowpoke King’s Rock Slowking
  • Metal Coat item can be found in Porto Marinada Market’s Delibird Presents
  • King’s Rock item can be found in Mesagoza’s Delibird Presents

Specific gender

Pokémon Condition Evolves to
Combee Female & LVL21 Vespiquen
Kirlia Female Gardevoir
Kirlia Male & Dawn Stone Gallade
Salandit Female & LVL33 Salazzle
Snorunt Female & Dawn Stone Froslass
Snorunt Male & LVL42 Glalie